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There are three friends on summer vacation, fresh out of high school and they wanted to have fun, but could not decide what to do first, the wanted to do everything, the beach, fishing, amusement parks, camping, bike riding, arcade, etc. as they sat on the couch two boys Elliot and Scott and a girl, Evermore. They were watching the news, talking about missing persons across the county warning everyone to about safety and security. They decided to go out walking, maybe to find some other ideas to do. In the early Saturday morning they walked through town passing shops, at one point they over hear a bunch of friends from school talking about Windbrook, the dark forest that surrounds the small town of Freeman, only one road to and fro from the small town and the rest of the world, as they went to investigate, they found out there was going to be a party in the woods, lots of alcohol and a big campfire to celebrate the end of the school year and they were invited and it was that night.

Evermore was very excited and Elliot was intrigued and impatient for the party to start, only Scott was quite, nervous about the whole drinking and the dark woods but never the less he went with his two best friends, ready to have a good time. The party was a blast, lots of loud music, dancing, talking and a big fire with lots of alcohol and food and S'mores. All three had gotten too much alcohol in their system that they couldn't walk straight they did not want the fun to end, but as all things began, they had to end and they had to leave before getting into too much trouble. They stumbled down the path to get to their car but with all the alcohol in their system they could not figure what is the right way to go and started down and unmarked path.

They became disoriented as night fell with only a half-moon to shine their way in front of them. The two boys and one girl started to realize it was getting darker than usual...wanted to turn around...they heard an ear piercing shriek coming from the direction in front  of them. They all wanted to run, but they had nowhere else to turn to. Elliot took the lead and led them to a huge clearing, the moon hung high in the middle of the sky, and the shrilling shriek went through the air, louder this time. Closer. They continued on across the field when they see a glowing yellow and orange light between the trees. They ran toward the light, thinking of water, food, a place to stay, and maybe some weed, never know in this big forest in the middle of nowhere. When they got closer to the light they see a horrific scene: Yes the found food, something to drink and some kind of shed...but none for them, for the food was human limbs being eaten buy these little hunched back creatures, they had itty bitty holes for eyes staring into nothingness, little bony fingers, 3 of them in each of their 4 hands, and each had pointy talons easy enough to rip through flesh. The water was not exactly that, it was a red liquid, they were all in clear glass cups standing on top of a wooden table some spilled over, some recently emptied with a tall stick figure of a man sitting at the end holding a half empty glass of red liquid smiling with his rotten pointy teeth. The shed was open showing Ax's, shovel's, Hanging hooks (most occupied by torsos or parts of limbs).

The ear piercing shriek came from not from the half dead body lying on the ground, who was moaning out obscure words, but the shriek came from the little hunched back creatures, which most had little or no pointy ears at all, grass green little monsters. Hearing their shrieks up close sounded surreal and unnatural compared to a humans. The stick slim man got up from his table walking to stand 10 feet from the 3 man team. he waved his half empty glass of blood in the air and took a bow saying, "welcome, to paradise my good guest, how lovely for you to refresh our stock" the three stood still in horror and shock and eventually Scott grabbed both Elliot and Evermore" arms and push them back into the way of the clearing, they both ran thinking Scott was right behind them until they hear Scott screaming in agony yelling, "Run! Run!" and then having to hear his voice cut off into silent white noise.

They kept on running tears streaming down both their faces as laughter filled the air quite close to their fleeing selves. Everywhere they looked they could see shadows of the litter creatures, sounding giggling squeaking laughter. They reached the middle of the clearing and turned around, the half-moon almost hiding behind a mountain, and with very little light all they could see was the clearing filled with the little creatures and the slender man figure 10 feet away from them smiling his pointy smile. The creatures started to chant "run, run" in Scotts voice, sending goose bumps on Elliot's and Ever's skin, they would not make it out alive. As the moon went down slowly, Elliot and Ever embracing, with Elliot repeating one word "why?" and Evermore's sobbing the slender Man only had laughter to give and glowing yellow and orange eyes to show as the half-moon faded...leaving only blackness......If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?...
I know there are a lot of grammar mistakes but I cannot fine the final draft and therefore I do not know which parts on here I need to change SOOO bear with me people!
Im-buried-alive Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
haha,nice. oh hi Evermore it's just me. I see you changed your story a bit. There was alcohol and weed!!!! hahaha I like the original,but this one is cool. oh,gotta go, their here to pick me up,gotta go to another show!!!!!!!!!
Whats-Left-Of-Me Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student Artist
just a bit, lol I had to make it fit
and have fun haha
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